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HAQQ Creations Singapore Pte Ltd Completes Your Home

At HAQQ Creations Singapore Pte Ltd, we take pride in serving our clients by extending our undivided attention to their renovation needs.

We understand that we are in the business of converting an apartment to a place that you call HOME. As such we strive to deliver best possible quality workmanship, cost effective deliverables and on time project completion.

All our staff and workers display a Can Do attitude in carrying out their work.


Fair Pricing & Payment Terms

Renovation costs are made up of expenses for Materials and Labour. Material costs are pretty much standard across Singapore and what differs vastly is Labour prices. At HCSPL, 90% of the renovation works are done with our own workers and hence we have the ability to control the overall expenses for our clients.

Our proposals are well defined with quoted materials, size and labour. This avoids hidden costs upfront and misunderstandings in the future.

Payment is progressive as we complete our deliverables so that you do not need to worry about having to pay first and live in the hope of job completion.

Concierge Service for Projects

As Renovation is our bread and butter, we have the first hand knowledge of shopping venues and must grab offers. We always will extend a hand at getting the required electronics, lights, accessories for your home. Our dedicated Project Manager will be your renovation concierge to give you the best experience.

Post Delivery Warranty

Maintaining your renovated apartment is a mandatory activity if you want the best out of your renovation investment.

At HAQQ Creations Singapore Pte Ltd, we warranty our works based on the trade type. For a comprehensive list of our warranty policy, please visit http://www.haqqcreations.com/warranty


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