Renovation is our business and we do that the best. Regardless of your background and competency in remodelling your premises, we take time and effort to educate and ensure you understand what it takes to achieve your renovation goals. This is to ensure that we comply with government regulations, work within your budget, get the best design suitable for your needs and finally to let you have a peace of mind realizing that you have made the best out of your investment.

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HAQQ Creations Singapore Pte Ltd is the 1st interior designer firm in Singapore to have introduced and adopted VRDS as a design methodology to deliver renovation design service.

Why is this Benificial to Home Owners

  • See your renovated Home for a SMALL fee BEFORE Committing to renovation costs.
  • IDENTIFY Hidden Costs Upfront.
  • Change Design and Feel the difference Virtually before Reality.
  • Free VRDS@HAQQCREATIONS when you sign up for Renovation with us


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